420 Vancouver will NOT be organizing a protest rally or farmers market on April 20, 2022

Unfortunately, COVID regulations were not lifted in time for us to organize a large scale 420 event that is up to our standards.

We are not affiliated with any other group holding their own 420 celebrations, but hope everyone has a safe and smokey April 20!

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4/20 is Special in Vancouver

April 20 is the global day to recognize the world’s cannabis culture. We have been hosting 4/20 in Vancouver since 1995. Come enjoy this unique combination of protest, celebration, and farmers’ market!

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420 Vancouver is the largest 4/20 protest and cannabis celebration on the planet. With over 100,000 in attendance and over 500 vendors every year, 420 is a unique, volunteer-run, non-profit event. Your contribution helps make 420 a safe event that is free to the public. It also goes to help us put on a free stage show, get important things like extra port-o-potties, and protect the grass at Sunset Beach!

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