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2010: Vancouver 420 protest celebration, April 20th

This video is of three media reports covering the “420” celebrations this year. Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa are reviewed by CTV and Global News. I also added some photos from our Vancouver 420 at the end! Vancouver’s annual 420 protest celebration was excellent, despite the rain! Marc and Jodie Emery spoke to the crowd, the music was chill and inviting, all kinds of booths and products were available, and no one was hurt (except two people getting too high from strong pot food).

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www.NoExtradition.net has info on how to help save Marc Emery from the USA!
www.WhyProhibition.ca has info on how to help end the war on drugs!

4/20 is Special in Vancouver

April 20 is the global day to recognize the world's cannabis culture. We have been hosting 4/20 in Vancouver since 1995. Come enjoy this unique combination of protest, celebration and farmer's market!

Sunset Beach Park: 1204 Beach Ave, Vancouver. 12 - 8 pm.

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