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  • 2010: 4/20 Day Vancouver Art Gallery: Thousands rally, smoke weed at 4:20

  • 2010: Vancouver 420 protest celebration, April 20th

    This video is of three media reports covering the “420” celebrations this year. Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa are reviewed by CTV and Global News. I also added some photos from our Vancouver 420 at the end! Vancouver’s annual 420 protest celebration was excellent, despite the rain! Marc and Jodie Emery spoke to the crowd, the […]

  • 2010: Vancouver Art Gallery: Thousands rally, smoke weed at 4:20

    April 20, 2010, Vancouver BC.¬†http://bulletproofcourier.blogspot.com:¬†Thick clouds of marijuana smoke filled the airspace above the Vancouver Art Gallery today as thousands gathered to celebrate 4/20 day by openly imbibing and rallying for legalization. Two young females in the crowd requested emergency medical assistance after eating potent potables (cookies, brownies etc.) and “getting too high.”

  • 2010: Vancouver 420 Marijuana Rally

    420 at the Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2010. A short video in HD720p. More 420 videos on my other channel http://youtube.com/butchnews

4/20 is Special in Vancouver

April 20 is the global day to recognize the world's cannabis culture. We have been hosting 4/20 in Vancouver since 1995. Come enjoy this unique combination of protest, celebration and farmer's market!

Sunset Beach Park: 1204 Beach Ave, Vancouver. 12 - 8 pm.

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