4/20 Vancouver Music – 2016

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The Red, Gold & Green Machine are a vibed out reggae/hip-hop/soul/roots music trio consisting of sweet songstress/part-time MC Tonye “Magic T” Aganaba, MC/vocalist  extraordinare dr.Oop, and the ultra creative MC Nucleus. Their unique style builds upon foundations laid by such groups ‘The Fugees’ , “Black Eyed Peas’, ‘Digable Planets’, and ‘Black Uhuru’. They’ve melded their own eclectic mix of music together to form a new sound – which they refer to as the “Planet Africa flow”. 


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Rainbow Road is a 4-piece electronic pop band from Australia and Canada, based in Vancouver BC. Their signature percussive sound—created with bell and synth samples played live on drum pads—is a carefully crafted blend of lush texture and irresistible anthemic hooks. RainbowRoadBand.com
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Kostaman and The Good Vibrations have been performing reggae and world music for the last 11 years, locally and across Canada. Based in Whistler BC, Kostaman has performed for thousands of visitors from around the world. He has been on festival stages including the 2010 Paralympics, Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival and many other festivals around BC. An inclusive one love vibration makes this collective a community. Join The Good Vibrations for an uplifting experience. Unity. 
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Eclectic, Eccentric, Energetic and always Entertaining, Disco Funeral packs a hell of a punch: from their signature blend of dark funk and sing-a-long catchiness to down-tempo psychedelia and travelling gypsy madness, this is one party (or “service”) you definitely don’t want to miss. Described as “RHCP, The Cat Empire, The Doors and a dash of nutmeg,” Disco Funeral are en route to turning the galaxy inside out. When’s the last time you laughed, cried, head-banged and danced all at the same time?
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Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow and the VaudeVille Vagabonds Canada’s largest steampunk band!
With live music, audience game shows, a monster hunting ringmaster, contortion, sword swallowing, circus aerials, clowns, exotic belly dancers, Werewloves, Mexican wrestlers and wondrous freaks beyond description are all woven within a story that leaves the audience dancing while gawking and speechless!

4/20 is Special in Vancouver

April 20 is the global day to recognize the world's cannabis culture. We have been hosting 4/20 in Vancouver since 1995. Come enjoy this unique combination of protest, celebration and farmer's market!

Sunset Beach Park: 1204 Beach Ave, Vancouver. 12 - 8 pm.

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